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Feel confident in your business plan and financial forecasts before sending it to partners, investors, or lenders.

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This is the best decision I could have made to launch my business in the right direction. I definitely recommend these services to entrepreneurs and future small business owners.
Melinda Holden | Elite Liaison Consulting
  1. Introductory meeting with an expert to discuss your plan.
  2. Full review of your entire written plan—all within LivePlan.
  3. Thorough notes added to each section of your plan.
  4. Follow-up phone call to discuss critical and constructive feedback.
  5. Leave with confidence that your plan is the best it can be.

Plan Writing Experience: Our writers have written hundreds of business plans and know what will maximize your chances of securing a loan or investment.

Industry Specific Guidance: Our writers work with businesses in every vertical—and we'll connect you with someone on our team who has relevant experience in your specific industry.

Constructive and Useful feedback: Your review covers each section of your LivePlan business plan cover to cover—including your financials, budgets, and forecasts.


My plan writer was responsive and understood my vision from our first communication. I now have a living document that I can use and adjust as needed going forward.
Marcus Flowers | TimeOut Sports Bar & Grill

Maximize your chances of securing funding by requesting a LivePlan business plan review


How much does this service cost?

The full plan writing service can cost between $500-750, depending on your needs. We also offer both a full business plan writing service and a forecasting service for an additional cost.

What does my review include?

Our business planning professionals will read and analyze your business plan line by line inn order to provide constructive, actionable feedback on each section, including your financials. Afterward, you are welcome to schedule a follow-up call with the plan reviewer to discuss their feedback in depth.

Does it need to be completed in LivePlan?

Your plan does not need to be submitted to us in the LivePlan format. Please contact us directly to discuss the documents that you would like us to review.  Pricing may vary depending on the complexity of the submission.

What format does my business plan need to be provided?

If your plan was written in LivePlan, we’ll ask for a contributor pass to your account. We'll then leave all of our feedback as comments in your account as well as deliver a final PDF that includes those comments. If your plan was not written in LivePlan, we prefer that you submit a Word document. If a Word document is not available, no sweat, we’re happy to look at anything you want to share with us.

Is my plan reviewer an expert in my industry?

Our business plan reviewers are experts specifically in business plan writing. We've worked with every industry imaginable so the likelihood that they have some familiarity with your industry is high.

Will you share my information?

We take your privacy very seriously and will not share your information.

How long will it take to deliver my review?

Your plan review can take up to a week. Most reviews are finished within 48 hours if the client is responsive and able to answer any outstanding questions.

Is there an expedited service?

Do you need your plan reviewed quickly to make sure it’s ready for a pitch meeting or presentation? We can expedite your review for an additional fee.

What formats are the reviews delivered in?

After your business planning expert has completed the review they will deliver a PDF document of your full plan with the comments included. These comments will also be visible from within LivePlan. You can also schedule an exit phone call to ask them any clarifying questions about their comments if necessary.

What kind of background will my reviewer have? Are they outsourced from other countries? Have they been reviewing business plans for very long?

We are a small team of well-educated business planning experts. Each reviewer’s background varies but they all have a financial or business education as well as years of experience in small business management or consulting and business plan writing . They are all well-vetted and really good at what they do, which is write plans that help you get funded.

What if I’m struggling to finish writing my plan in the first place?

If you are stuck and unable to finish your plan, you might be a good candidate for our full business plan writing service. Please book a free consultation to discuss your specific needs with our LivePlan Services project manager.

What if I’m having trouble with the financial in my business plan?

A financial review is included in our business plan review service. If you need help completing your financials, we can do that too. Please book a free consultation to discuss your specific needs with our LivePlan Services project manager.

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